Everyday English Exercises

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  • Kiadó: Maxim Könyvkiadó Kft.,
  • Kiadói Kód: MX-1200
  • Oldalszám: 400
  • Megjelenés: 2018
  • ISBN szám: 9789632618777
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Our book is designed to help you practise English every single day of the year. You can get a first-hand experience of the vocabulary of everyday activities, humour and culture with the help of our quizes and language games, which will boost your wordpower day by day. We also offer you a great variety of texts, travel tips, puzzles, recipes and quotes with different exercises for each day of the year. Just following the calendar, you can effortlessly but thoroughly acquire new words and expressions and develop your grammar.

The book contains 312 interesting exercises in more than 60 categories. The tasks gradually increase in difficulty, moving from A1 to B1 level. They also fit the current season, anniversary, bank holiday or public event. They can also be categorized as interviews, recipes, treasure hunts, word pyramids, anagrams, riddles, odd-wordout activities, quotes, wordsnakes, sayings, poems, questionnaires, wordsearch activities as well as authentic texts.

The tasks are compiled to develop your reading and writing skills, upgrade your wordpower and grammar while broadening your sense of culture. Comprehension is supported by various illustrations, pictures and diagrams. Besides making school lessons more colourful and thus more motivating, it is also suitable for independent learning thanks to the key at the end of the book.